' Plump'- by Philippa Stanton

What a lovely word -Plump! Imagine closing your eyes and saying the word 'plump'. What do you see? Can you see anything, hear anything or taste anything?

The painting you see above is by a good friend of mine, Philippa Stanton. Philippa has the amazing talent of not only being an actress (and a very good one) but she also has Synesthesia.

If you have never heard of this then let me quote from Philippa her self as she will explain it a lot better than me.

''Synesthesia is a merging of the senses and in my case the strongest merger is between vision and sound. Arrays of textured, colourful shapes accompany every sound I hear. They don’t get in the way of my day to day vision, only enhance it. I can choose to visit them deeply or just have them peppering the right -hand side of my inner head. ''

Her work is amazing and when I visit her, the walls in her house are covered with beautiful words and voices through the medium of paint. You would look at one and try to guess who and what is being said. I particularly like her painting of Tom Jones voice. Ooo!

She is a very inspirational lady and I always look forward to her visits - we shared a big pot of tea and some homemade chocolate cake today whilst chatting about our ever increasing ideas on crafty things!


beki said…
How interesting. There was a TV show on recently that was talking about that. I had never heard of it until then. I wish I had it!
That painting is absolutely beautiful.

P.S. I've tried replying to your email address when you've commented on my blog, but they get returned to me. I didn't want you to think that I've been ignoring your comments ;-)
aiar said…
I also have synesthesia and experience sound as colour and shapes, so it is interesting to see the expression of someone else's similar experience. Phillipa's work is phenomenal! Thank you for sharing this.
Anonymous said…
I tried to e-mail you back after you commented on my comment to Manda. I love that little story. The more amazing moms that feel undervalued who hear that, the better!

And I love your blog, too. :)

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