I know - its been a while since my last post. A huge pile of excuses, honest! One being this pile of purses. I had a big pile of WIP to get finished for a mail order catalogue a friend is putting together. And me being me left everything to the last minute... but hoorah there was light at the end of the tunnel yesterday afternoon!
The boys went back to school and nursery which was really strange especially as I have not had a morning off on my own for a long long time. Of course my time was spent working on this batch of purses and some new corsages. I fell quite good about it!
Just need to get a move on with more work - very low on stock for shops and Christmas is on the horizon!

When I am busy working I have to have some background noise and my favourite is listening to the radio, especially BBC Radio 4. I grew up watching my mum ironing, sewing whilst listening to it and now I find myself doing the same! Anyway, there was a very intersting programme Meet the bloggers .... about bloggers! The interviewer researched various bloggers and their lives and then went to interview them. It was quite wierd as it really made me realise that it is all real, you do sometimes forget that real people can read all that you write and get to know you (depending on what you divulge!). You can listen to it if you go to the website (above).
We are real people here in blog land! Posted by Picasa


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