Busy Bee and Pots!

Stage 2 - match crochet flowers with fabric flowers
(stage 1 was crochet the flowers- see last post)

Stage 3 - match silk flowers - the hardest bit!

Stage 4 - Find buttons and beads to match

Stage 5 - Sew together and enjoy! (said in a 'Sainsburys' advert voice over!)

Then send off in a big box to Samantha at Plump Pudding for her Country Living escapade! Good luck Samantha.

As for pots, well like Rebecca at An Irish Craftworkers Good Life, I too was very excited to recieve in my post MASSIVE and I shout massive box of seed potatoes! I too will be chitting this weekend!


Ragged Roses said…
Your brooches look gorgeous - good luck with the Fair. The weather was fantastic this weekend - did you get your potatoes chitted?
Kim x
Thankyou for visiting my blog. I absolutely adore your corsages, they really are beautiful. I know that they will sell so well at Sams CL fair stall. I'm just so glad that the candles will be surrounded by so many other handmade goodies. x
Anonymous said…
Many thanks for your comments, your corsages are lovely. How much do you sell them for? I have added you to my blog list.
PĂ©itseoga said…
Very cute flowers!
good luck with your potatoes, i found some that we forgot to dig up last autumn today, when i was doing a bit of digging in the flowerbeds, yes, we had some in the flowerbeds...

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