Reflecting on days that have gone by......

We have had the most glorious weekend ! I hope all you lot have too. My goodness, it was hot -yes I said hot.
The summer hols are here and vanishing so quickly. Days have been spent playing, escaping to new places. Cake has been made and eaten by the bucket load. I so love the holidays, time spent with both boys. I love hearing them go off and play role play games in their bedroom or adventures in the garden.

Talking of garden - we had to buy a new paddling pool last friday (perfect timing for the weekend). I was going to be a cheap and cheerful mum and purchase a small 3 ring paddler, but alas they had sold out at Asda!!!! All they had and luckily for me it was half price, was this enormous whale pool that spouted water too! The big problem was that it took me hours of huffing and puffing to blow it up - must get a foot pump!

Look - its sunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh by the way the other photos were of a gift I made for yet another wedding we went too - a lavender filled patchwork heart with the couples initials on the reverse.

Ooo, I nearly forgot I have been nominated for a Blogger Reflection award by Ginny at The Flour Loft. Thankyou - it was such a lovely surprise. I could tell you of soooo many blogs that inspire me, too many infact so here are just a few that I shall recommend to be awarded.

Ragged Roses

Tales from Pixie Wood

Cupcakes At Home

What Katie Did

Snapdragons Garden


Ragged Roses said…
Oh Emma thank you, that's very kind of you - we need to get together and reflect some more!! It seems that we have been having almost identical weekends (see my last two posts - especially paddling pool traumas_) Wasm't it a lovely weekend here and aren't the holidays just whizzing past! Think we're off to the beach today. Thanks again, I'm touched.
Kim x
Ragged Roses said…
Hello Emma it's me again. I've nominated you for an award too! Take a peek at my blog
Kim x
Anonymous said…
Hi Emma, just visited your blog for the first's lovely! What a gorgeous heart you've made. And those little fairy skirts are so pretty...I would have loved to have owned one when I was a child.
We like to search ou t vintage finds for our homes and are really into gardening, baking and sewing. You're very welcome to visit us at
We'll be back again.
Margaret and Noreen at THY
Anonymous said…
Hi there Emma it's Pauline Campbell from Oz my blog is Life According To Pauline, I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for Creative Blogger Award check out my blog for details.
Anonymous said…
Congrats on your award.
maramcp said…
What pretty heart hangers. They have reminded me of one I made for a friends 30th in pastel silks that I picked up in a charity shop, they were gorgeous, and needed to be showcased like yours are!

Lovely hangers, its my first time on your blog, im loving reading through. Congrats on your award
Hi Emma

I am really behind in reading blogs! Congratulations on your blogger award.

I had to smile at the image of blowing up that paddling pool without a pump! Hope that it was worth the effort and the sun continues to shine.

Marie x
julia said…
We've also had the sun here today - hoo-flippin-ray, it's about time!! The holidays are going too fast don't you think? I feel the need to slow time down!

I've had fun catching up on all your latest news.

Julia x
Tracy x said…
thank you, thank you, thank you for thinking of me - i am touched x
sounds like you are having a great summer holiday - hope the sun continues to shine.
now go get yourself a pump for that pool!
tracy x
Unknown said…
Your heart is beautiful!

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