Still here........ just!

Hi everyone, still here but its been an odd few weeks. I can't put any pics up as the camera can't connect to the computer at the mo but I will have some fab photos of our holiday to SUNNY Devon!

We were there for a fab time, beaches, countryside, family and friends. But on my return I discovered that my father was in hospital. I have been up and down, he has scared us and made us laugh but he is on the mend. So sorry for the absence but I will be back!

Treasure your moments with family! X


Ragged Roses said…
Hi Emma
Hope everything is okay with your dad! Sounds like a real scare. Hope you managed to enjoy your holiday. Let me know if you need help with anything. Hope all's well, thinking of you.
Kim x
Ragged Roses said…
No not that kind of help!!!!
Anonymous said…
I hope life settles soon.Perhaps we were in Devon at the same time, we recently returned from a week there. x
julia said…
Emma, hope your dad is on the mend and back on his feet soon, it's so worrying when family fall ill.

Julia x
Hi Emma

I hope that your Dad will be ok.
Looking forward to your return, and your holiday snaps.

Best wishes
Victoria x
Nonnie said…
Really sorry to hear about your Dad Emma but I'm glad he's on the mend now. x
Anonymous said…
Good to see you posting again, looking forward to the holiday pics.
Anonymous said…
Hi Emma

Sorry to read about your Dad. I hope that he is soon fully recovered.

Glad to read that you enjoyed Devon.

Marie x

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