What a year!

Well, everyone, what can I say except, what a year!
Here are possibly the 10 best things I have ever done, seen or heard or read in one year - 2007.
1 - Become an Aunty at last (3 times over)!
2 - Travelled to the other side of the world, Austrailia for a lifetime holiday and my sisters wedding.
3 - Sucessfully exhibited and sold at many craft fairs.
4- Read and made great new influential friends in blog land - Kim, Nonnie, Victoria, Jane and Cherry.
5 - Finally decorated our lounge!
6 - Had a fantastic summer holiday in Devon. (2 holidays in 1 year, unheard of!)
7 - Appreciated my father more than ever after his health scare.
8 - Found myself listening to Classical FM nearly everyday
9 - Made the decision that the countryside is for me, no more city life.
10 - The biggest shock ever, after 15 years the lovely man in my life finally asked me to marry him! (I said yes by the way!)
I feel that 2008 is going to be a busy one!
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Ragged Roses said…
Happy New Year Emma! As for no 10 - congratulations, big congratulations from all of us!!! What a year you've had. Full of love, success, travel and family, wonderful! Thank you so much for counting me amongst your blogging friends, that means a lot. Now we really have to have that coffee - it seems like you've got lots to tell me. the countryside .... how did you manage that?
Congrats Emma
Email me with a time for that coffee!!!!!!!
Nonnie said…
Goodness, am I influential! A very happy new year to you. It's been great getting to know you too. Maybe this year I should take a trip down to Brighton and you, me and Kim should all meet up? I hope 2008 will be a happy and successful one for you.

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