Etsy at last!

Good grief, how long has it taken me to finally get going? And how long has it taken me to put these little fellas on?!

I know, it was like this in the early days of ebay - I was a pro by the end of the 1oth attempt!

All I need to know now is how to get a bigger posh link on here, so you will have to do with the small link on the side bar for now or click here! Phew!

This week I had to say goodbye to my parents who flew off to here to see this little munchkin and her new brother, Oh how I wish I were there.

Thankyou for all your comments - its been a horrible flu which caught both JP and I out. We were both poorly trying to muster the energy to take the boys to school, and now to top it all my cheeky flippin wisdom tooth is playing up again! HOW DARE IT!

Oh for the warmth of the Austailian outback............


julia said…
Hope you're feeling back on form again. What a cute picture, and lucky parents travelling to the warmth!
Good luck with Etsy, it's something I keep meaning to try but haven't mustered up the energy yet! Too much time blogging!
Julia xx
Nonnie said…
Well done with getting the etsy listing done. It took me ages at first. I'll go and have a look at your shop now. I can't remember exactly how you get a bigger link on your blog but I know I managed to do it. I've now got a little picture gallery on my blog which links to my etsy shop. I think I just followed instructions on the etsy site. They do have a very good help section so I'd say have a look there. Good luck with it.
Ragged Roses said…
Hooray Emma you've got an Etsy shop!! Cograts, Im gong to go and have a look. So glad you're feeling better. I posted a photo of the side bar of my blog and linked it underneath with a link to my Etsy shop, That doesn't make sense, if you want to know email me and I'll try and explain it clearly (about as clear as mud). How about Friday 15th Feb for that coffee?
cd&m said…
Gorgeous munchkin! Good luck with etsy.
Raindrops said…
Well done for doing he etsy listing I keep saying I will do it but so far have not even looked at how to do it. Will pop and have a look Tricia
vintagetown said…
Love your blog, such lovely pics! - woud like to follow you but can't find the button!

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