The Diary of a Virgin Sock Knitter!

Look what goodies I recieved from the kind Kim @Ragged Roses. We finally managed to catch up over copious amounts of coffee and the smidgen morsel mouthfuls of danish pastries! What a perfect engagement gift! Of course the lovely couple in the vintage postcard are just like JP and myself!

The ragged heart fits perfectly on my new cupboard - thankyou Kim x

Now - yes, I am a Virgin Sock Knitter! But how exciting is that, look at the colours. After several attempts and quite a bit of cursing I am off!

Mmmmm, yummy! Its been something I have been wanting to do for while, so I took the plunge and bought some wool, needles and a free pattern!
Everywhere I look I see the colours.......

.... carrots, satsumas, red cabbage, even these lovely tulips which gorgeous boys bought for me. I hope all you mum's managed to have a lovely relaxing day.

Oh and here is the other little splurge I had! The book is Vintage Crochet, and written by the lady who owns and runs Loop. It has so many tempting ideas, oh but what so little time I have. Kim and I were discussing that maybe we should have a little book for 'PROJECTS TO DO' and then you could dip in a cross off!

Anyway, if you get a chance, it is a really lovely book if you want something dreamy to look at and fun projects at the same time, go on splurge out!


Anonymous said…
I have just borrowed Vintage Crochet from the library. I think there are loads of lovely patterns in it - just not enough hours in the day! I especially thought the doggy coat very sweet. :)
Ragged Roses said…
I'm loving those colours Emma, what beautiful socks to be! Perhaps I should place an order now! I think the postcard IS a very accurate resemblance actually!!!!! What a great looking book, the girls bought me a couple of notebooks on Sunday to start scribbling my nutty ideas in. It was great to see you
Ragged Roses said…
Is that THE cupboard?!!!
French Knots said…
I am knitting my first pair of socks too! Are you using Opal?
I've done the ankle and am approching the heel - arrggh!
Hi there - I have always wanted to knit some socks although using more than 2 needles puts me off - I'm not sure why as I have been knitting for about 25 years - since I was 9! - Do you mind me asking where you got your free sock pattern? - I would like to knit my little girl (2 yrs old) some snuggly bed socks - Natalie x
Raindrops said…
Love knitted socks. Can't do them but love to wear them. Tricia
PS you have won on my blog giveaway can you contact me with your details
Anonymous said…
What bright colours...can't wait to see the socks!
Margaret and Noreen
julia said…
I'm impressed with anyone who can knit, it's one of the huge list of things I'd like to learn!
Love the colours you've chosen, looking foarward to seeing the finished article.
Julia x
wow, Im loving the sock so far, cant wait to see them when there finished!

I have just started knitting and I hope one day I might be clever enough to make a pair of socks, they always look so snuggly!!

Jen x
Anonymous said…
Good luck on the socks I wish I could get to grips with them...I too bought the pattern but after many attempt threw the tangled bundle into the cupboard where it wallows in the darkness...maybe inspired by your success I might give it another go!!
Ragged Roses said…
Wishing you all a very Happy Easter, will we see you toboganning down the hill on Saturday?!!!
Ragged Roses said…
Me again!!!! Can't remember if I told you that they had a secondhand copy of the Miss Pettigrew Lives for a day book in Savary's when I went in there after we had coffee. Don't know if it was this book you were interested in
Hen said…
I have a projects book! I never seem to cross a lot off though as new things always emerge in the meantime!

Enjoying you blog...

Best wishes
Hen x

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