Harmony in Gloucester.

Half term was a right old mixed bag! More about that later but the highlight was to go and visit a lovely lady.
We call her GG, why? well she is at the ripe old age of 95 my boys Great Granny, a mouthful for little ones to say hence calling her GG!
This fine lady, drives, grows her own veg and plays Bridge with her young friends! She has seen and lived through so many changes, loosing her husband early and bringing up 2 children on her own.
Her secret....... well independence, good food, tea at 4, drinks at 6 (two good measures of whisky!) and laughter!
She is good example of how to live your life and someone who I will always look up to. Even though she is my husbands grandmother, she has always treated me as a grandchild and we share so much in common its quite spooky!

She lives in a really sweet village in Gloucestershire, whilst we were there I took the boys out for a couple of walks. This was mine and my eldest favourite, would you like to come with us......?

First we leave her old barn and walk down the lane........

We come to the snicket, look at those Cotswold dry stone walls...................................

Skip down the snicket, scrunching on the leaves..........pick up a few stones to repair a gap............

Find a little step to peer over the wall.......................................................

We reach the end of the snicket, look at the HUGE stone........................

Past the allotments, darn fine ones too................................

around the corner to the top of the high street. This is the old meeting house....................

back to the crossroads admiring the old buildings and finding secret doorways.
Well we hope you enjoyed the walk, we most certainly do every time we come to this little bit of England.


Remember that pumpkin my mother grew, he's watching you!

Of course we all managed to enjoy Halloween.....................

creepy hands and feet everywhere!

After a week of all coming down with a bug we did manage to enjoy part of the Half Term. What was going to be a time of seeing friends, visiting places and making all sorts was spent stuck in doors under strict quarantine!
I did enjoy spending time at home with my boys though, just us, no routine. Its back to school again and a little boy was not too happy. I find it hard to let go, knowing that they have years to go being stuck in classroom environment but life goes on and Christmas is just round the corner. Sew sew sew.............................

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LinenandRoses said…
Great Granny looks lovely. Amazing that she is still so active at 95! Good for her. An example to everyone. Makes me think of my Grandparents on my Dads side as they always looked after themselves well and had tea and cake at 4 and gin and tonic at 6 before dinner. Grandma made it to 91 and Gramps was 89 so although not as good as GG, not bad. Miss them both tons. Your visit to Gloucestershire looks lovely. Gorgeous part of the World but then I am slightly biased as its the county I'm going to be married in! Good luck with all the sewing. I'm busy at that too. x
Ragged Roses said…
I'm glad you managed to get away for a while Emma, We must have been in the sameish part of the world then! Sorry your half term wasn't great, hope you're all over it now. Hope E is happy after a week back at school. Your GG is just amazing!
If you get fed up with all that sewing, give me a call and we'll have that coffee
ginny said…
Hi Emma,
Lovely to hear your news. GG looks amazing for 95... i think i may have to adopt whiskey drinking too.
Yuk those hands are really creepy... are they latex? very effective anyway ...looks like you had a good halloween.
lots of love to you,
Ginny xx
karen said…
just came across your lovely blog whilst vlog hopping.
That little walk bought back some memories ( ooops that makes me sound really old ) I grew up in gloucestershire ( The forest of dean) I do miss all the lovely country side up there sometimes.
Anonymous said…
Oh she looks so young for her age...and I like her tips for life. You must have had a lovely time.

My grandad, who live to the age of ninety seven was a farmer and his maxim was 'farm as if you'll farm forever, live as if you'll die tomorrow'. Isn't that wonderful?!

Margaret and Noreen
I loved reading this post Emma..
Your GG.. is a splendid character and a wonderful advertisement for good healthy living... My father in law is 94 in January and thrives on his routine of bacon and eggs.. tea at three and a whisky and dry each evening!
I loved your monochrome walk.... beautiful photos.. it all looks very familiar but somehow different in black and white..
Michele xx
Anonymous said…
Wow! I just game here via google (I was looking for Tardis ideas with my five year old) and then what do I see? Pictures of a village that looks VERY familiar. Probably because, until we moved to Texas a couple of years ago, we lived there! We'll be moving back there this summer.

Thanks for the memories (and the great craft ideas!)
Angelkeeper said…
I came across your blog while googling for ideas to cut through my HUGE stash of vintage fabric.
Thanks for some neat ideas.

Thanks for the piccys of the Cotswolds.I've visited that area twice and somehow feel connected to it. Maybe in a past life.....

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