The end is nigh....

My goodness, has it really been a month since my last post? There has been a good reason, this has been my view..........................
It has been the season of goodwill, Christmas school Fetes, church fetes and 3 weekends of Open House. I AM EXHAUSTED!

One of the best sellers on my stall has been these little gems. I had one of those divine moments a few weeks ago when at school, a friends son gasped as the contents of his GO GO bag expelled itself all over the playground. PING! A little light bulb went in my head........I will make and sell GO GO bags!
Well the orders have been coming in quick and fast, the one above was for a little girl called Daisy!
If you are unaware of the GO GO craze take a look!

Remember the bunting I made for my nephew, well his sister my little niece had her Birthday the other day so I had to make some for her too.

Its so nice making girly things, it lets me indulge!

The Christmas festive season has well and truly kicked in with carol concerts........

and nativity plays. Ehmm, see that little boy dressed as Joseph............that's my very own talented thespian! Watch out Zac Efron!

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Beck said…
I love your little bags & the bunting. I did make some bunting myself recently, in a big hurry for a market, but am wondering what do you sew the triangles on to? Ribbon? Just found your blog and will pop back x
Ragged Roses said…
Watch out mr Efron indeed - I have two young ladies whose hearts have been stolen by your Ed already!!!! Glad to see you have emerged from the sewing marathon relatively unscathed. Is that Miss Prudence I espied in the corner of your room, put some clothes on her quickly!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Hi Emma, hope you had a more restful time at Christmas. Wishing you a very happy and productive New Year!
Margaret and Noreen

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