Love is in the air.........

I love shadows, they sometimes set little scenes........

I couldn't help but do my own version of the old shadow portraits they used to do of loved ones...

This looks like it should be a little village with its church. In fact, my little boy had been playing with his playmobile indian tent and left it on the dinning room table. Then sun was streaming through casting the most amazing shadows. Snowflake decorations on the window, a glitter ball hanging and then toys, fruitbowl on the table. Simple with no tweeking!
Anyway LOVE.............
What will you be sending the love of your life?

I thought I had better get my act together, I made some heart brooches ages ago and they sold quite well.

So with the old brain ticking and the nimble fingers twitching I have come up with some new cute designs.

I really enjoyed making this one, you can't quite see the detail on the side but it reminds me of the victorian era.
Anyway, they are now available and more on my Etsy and Folksy shops.
Hope the rain is not gettng you all down, just spoken to my sis in Aus, it was cold there apparently...20oc!


They are so pretty. Maybe you could make bracelt charms?
Oh lovely! It reminds me of the phrase 'wearing your heart on your sleeve'...................... They're so gorgeous, I'm not surprised they sold well.
Love abounds here Em.. beautiful brooches..!!
I see you have been very productive this year.. I do hope it is a good one for you and your lovely boys..

Michele x
Ragged Roses said…
Lovely photos Emma, the black and white ones remind me so much of shadow puppets we used to do at primary school and strange little puppet films we watched - not that there's anything strange about your gorgeous little boys! Love the brooches, they are so pretty.
It was lovely to see you all on Sunday, we had such a good time, thanks for coming. I have been admiring my primroses this morning, very lovely.
Did you get any of those blueberries or myrtilles!!!!!!!)
Tracy said…
Hello! Thanks so much for stopping in and joining my Valentine Giveaway today--nice to meet you and find your pretty space here! LOVE your Valentine-y brooches and your photos here are lovely. Happy Days to you & yours! :o)
Jacoline said…
What a beautiful brooches!! well done.
Julia said…
Just love the little felted dogs!

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