FIZZZ...BANG.....Its all go!

I trust you all had a fantastic Firework night!

Sparklers are so much fun!
And so is getting ready for an Open House.

Last weekend was the start of Christmas in this household. I spent a good couple of weeks chained to the sewing machine creating gifts for the brave people who managed to survive the wild storms.

New to my ever increasing collection are these little Needle cases.

We all seem to love the Union Jack, very popular at the mo and as I felt like I was sewing for England it seemed to sneak in some how!

These will be available in my shop soon, various colours in production so if you fancy sewing for the Queen and Country, let me know!
Anyway, back too it, last weekend to go and then its full steam ahead to Christmas Fairs. If your in the area, pop by and join me for a glass of mulled wine, a snoop around a gorgeous house, not mine ;-( and possible purchase some fantastic Christmas pressies!


Your union jack needlecases look super! Off to have a lok at your shop.
Isabelle x
Oops forgot to say good luck with the open house event, I wish you well with it. Unfortunately too far for me.
I love your needlebooks! I have been making some out of vintage fabric just for fun and I have become addicted, looks like everyone I know will be getting one for Christmas at this rate! I think I might invest in some pinking shears, it finishes them off beautifully. Sarah x
Ragged Roses said…
Tee hee hee indeedy! Do you know I googled "Feather tree" and found out all about them, how easy was that!!!!
Can I just say, that your needlecases are gorgeous my dear, having seen them in the flesh so to speak!
Hi, Great firework pics. Hope your open house went well. Fascinated by the Featherdown post. I see that we have Aller farm in Devon. I can think of a few families who might be interested and will pass it on!
Guusje said…

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