Its a Fieldfare and time for cake!

With all the snow a few visitors have been popping by to say hello!
After much research we discovered that this little fella/girl is a Fieldfare and quite a few have been visiting the gardens of Sussex, even the city!

Cold weather makes me want to cook, and cake it has to be.....

I saw this recipe for Apple Parkin in a back issue of Country Living, its so delicious and comforting. Not much left!

The sun was shinning on Sunday so it was important to enjoy! We are so lucky to live close to the coast and the countryside and to be able to take a brisk walk to both at the same time was so good for the heart.

The views are breathtaking here, I am sure you might recognise the cottages in the distance!

There are still relics from the war which the boys found fascinating. Quite surreal amongst this beautiful scenery.

The cliffs were shinning bright white in the glorious sun!

Quite a few people were out, beach combing, walking along the salt marshes....

I wondered what it must have looked like with all the snow we had, it still looks beautiful even when it has melted.

Having a good hearty walk (and a stop off at the tearoom!) has really blown the cobwebs away. It has given me that urge to get back to sewing......

So if you are feeling low, lost your creative spark..... go out, take a breather, have a look at nature, enjoy whats around you ......

It worked for me!
Now, who's for a slice of cake?!


vintagemilly said…
Who mentioned cake, yes please! what lovely photos,
Ragged Roses said…
Oh I love a trip to Cuckmere Haven, perfect day for it too! Some of my favourite views there, C now wants to stand in front of those cottages all day... Now how come you didn't mention that apple parkin to me on the phone? I would have been up the hill like a shot! Lovely post as usual and thank you for explaining about fieldfares and helping me identify them in my garden! You are such a clever bunny. See you tomorrow
Craft Matters said…
Hi! New visitor here :D I am enjoying your photos - they're lovely. We've had a fieldfare here too - it likes to fight with the blackbirds! That cake looks wonderful.
I did indeed recognise those cottages and I love that walk, so does Buster as it is one of the few plcaes he is allowed on the beach and to swim!

As for the Parkin, any left, it looks yummy!

Sarah x

We over ordered Bridgewater Field fare mugs at the shop and we have a glut of them so I am glad you are spotting them as it might improve sales, tee hee!
Sarah said…
Lovely photo's - I too have baked the apple parkin - it is lovely!x
inmykitchen said…
Brrr Mrs Fieldfare looks a bit chilly. Perhaps some left over cake crumbs might do the trick next time she visits.

Lovely photos, how lucky to be so near the coast am very jealous, up in Derbyshire we are a long way from the sea. However we aren't short of blusterousness!

Jo x
Anonymous said…
I really like this post - - - stunning outdoor photos and the cake...well, I'm off to bake cup cakes now :P
Jak said…
Charming photos. Felt I was there. Very refreshing in a grey, grey month.
Jak x
Woo Gilchrist said…
That cake looks lovely - love the needlecases as well.
Cavania said…
Love the vintage inspired needle case, think I will make one for me. Thank you.
Anna said…
gorgeous photos :)

just to let you know I have awarded you the sunshine blog awrad :)
for more details see my blog xx
Beautiful photographs! I'm also impressed with your sewing.
That cake looks like it was delicious!
elodina said…
oh we had field fares too, and rewings during the snow in January. So exciting to see, great photos
Thanks for popping by my blog, yours is beautiful, your pictures really inspiring. I will follow yours with interest & pleasure.
Jenny x
ilovemyhouse said…
Wow, how great to live that close to this gorgeous beach. I love your photo's,and the cake looks delicous!
Lyn said…
What a fantastic post, I loved the photos of the beach, a walk on the beach in early spring is great!

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