A Trunk of treasure!!!!

When a lovely friend offers you a trunk and its contents......

A huge bundle of sumptious fabrics!
The only answer you can give is... ''YES PLEASE!!!"

When your son comes home from school saying that he has to be a Tudor for the day.......

.....You say...."Oh yes!"
All that lovely fabric provided the perfect excuse! I surprised myself (and enjoyed it too!)

Thankyou thankyou to 5ftinf!

My little tudor!


Anonymous said…
What a lovely suitcase! Great costume too, I rather miss the days of a little one saying 'mummy I have to be a .....' teenagers tend not to do dressing-up.
Emma said…
I never say no to a trunk of treasure!! what a lovely friend, and a super job on the tudor outfit!!
Ps that cake looks divine!! Emma x
Wow what a talent. I,ve made some costumes in my time but this is fab. Well done to you and to your great friend for the trunk.
How lucky that the trunk turned up just at the right time. The costume is fantastic.
Teresa x
MooBear Designs said…
I don't know which I like more the suit case or the costume... hehe
Sarah said…
The costume is fantastic - my son would love to wear something like that!
Amelia said…
fantastic! You can get things like this at the Wimbledon (South London) dog tracks car boot on a saturday. A lot of house clearance items means you can find a trunk, box, bag full of treasured vintage sewing and textile goodies - I love it!

The tudor outfit looks great!

Pomona said…
What an amazing outfit! I think I need a suitcase like that, too!

Pomona x
Melissa said…
oohhhh......i know just how you feel- & i love the costume you created from the treasures! I was given a big old box or two of fabric bits from a gorgeous neighbour as she was moving & i had a delightful morning going through it all- half my daughters nativity play last year was made from it....i was truely in heaven!
Melissa x
Love your blog it really makes me smile and so I have awarded you a sunshine blog award. If you have not received one before, please check out my blog for further instructions. Continue to spread your sunshine we all need as much as we can get.
Jenny x
What a nice gift!
Unknown said…
Blimey what talent; my son would have had to be the tudor street beggar!

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