Set in Stone.

Last year I started a course of Letter Stone carving with Jo Sweeting. She is a remarkable woman, very talented and inspirational.

Her work varies from sculptural and tactile to very formal.

Each piece a delight to look at and to touch.

Each Monday morning I have gradually learnt the technique of V-incising letters in stone and the types of tools used.
So, may I present to you my final piece!

I chose to use the initials F & J, the first initials of my parents. What I love about this piece is that the F (being my fathers initial is protecting the J (my mothers) but they seem to be connected.

Without each other they are, the family are not whole, so it felt right, a full circle, a kind of yin yang!
I recommend to anyone who has been tempted to do something outside of their field, have a go, be challenged. I now want to save up and do a sculptural stone carving.... who knows what I will create!


craftyjemima said…
Congratulations - it's beautiful. I'd love to be able to do that!

Nerys x
gina rahman said…
Wow how beautiful and congratulations on learning a new craft.

I carve out of rubber a lot easier.:)
I have my new handcarved rubber stamps on folksy too now.
Woo Gilchrist said…
Lovely Emma.
Dotty said…
wow thats beautiful x
ginny said…
it's beautiful Em x
i have always fancied trying wood carving and willow basket making, amoungst many other things.... well done for finding the time to pursue a new craft.
ginny x
ilovemyhouse said…
This is sooo beautiful! That's a great craft to learn. Think about all the thing you can do in the future.exciting!x
Ragged Roses said…
Emma they are beautiful and your description brought a lump to my throat. Well done you! Hope you get to do some more...
Yes, of course, hot cross buns would be just ticketyboo for our little walk, who needs jam doughnuts... I'd forgotten that it was time for those very special Mr Raven buns
Thanks for the phone call
JuicyFig said…
That is brilliant! Looking forward to the BBC's Mastercrafts tonight, it is stonemasonary tonight!

Kim said…
This is gorgeous, would LOVE to be able to carve like that. Beautifully done, you must be very proud!

Kim x
Laura said…
Just beautiful and well done for trying something new and managing to create such an amazing heartfelt piece of work. I love it. Lx
Anonymous said…
Your final creation is perfect - and what a beautiful story behind it. Definitly something that SHOULD be set in stone! Hope you manage to continue with with your newfound skill. Jen x
Aaaahhhhh, poetry! Just beautiful. Love Vanessa xxx
'Cross the Pond said…
I stumbled onto your blog - what a treasure! Love it here. I'll be back

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