May blossom and weddings!

The month of May brings blossom and weddings to the calendar of life!

I was asked a while a go to make some corsages for some bridesmaids outfits. Their dresses are black so the Bride suggested using a bit of fabric that her dress is made of!

Its a perfect shade of cherry blossom!

I was very nervous about this job as it also involved making Cravats for the gentlemen which I had never made before!

With a little bit of recycling (purchasing an old cravat) I made a pattern and they turned out perfectly! A good tip for anyone faced with a similar dilemma.

Anyway, they have been wrapped and sent off to the bride, I hope she likes them!

Can't wait to see a picture.


Ragged Roses said…
Perfick! How lovely would they be hanging from a tree in my garden... xxxxxxxxxx
Cat said…
What a lovely project...such a pretty, perfect pink.

Ha...the good old cravat. I know it well (in a previous life I ran a formal wear business :))
Cindy said…
Nice - hope we get to see pics of the finished articles in use! x
Anna said…
Theres are absolutey stunning!!
Im sure she will be over the moon...cant wait to see the photos.
just love the dusky colour
ilovemyhouse said…
What a beautiful corsages!I would like to see the cravattes too.xoxo
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous, I really want a blossom filled wedding, I bet the bride loves it! :)
You clever sausage Em...
I would also love to see photos of the cravats.. and am full of admiration for anyone who can sew. My efforts are still buried deep in class 5 of my old primary school..
Once saw a fabulous waistcoat at a wedding made from vintage Noddy material.
All best wishes for the open events this weekend.. They bring back such good memories of my first meeting with Mrs Roses and yourself..
Michele xx

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