Im a 'Bigga' fan of pea shoots!

A while I go I watched Alys Flower's programme Edible Garden and she showed you a really cheap way of growing pea shoots that you can cut for salads!
The boys thought I was mad!
After a little bit of persuasion I had the helping hand of the wee one.
After a few weeks...........
We actually had our first batch in a herby salad with the first BBQ of the year which was so delicious as they were really young, tasting of sweet yummy peas. If you can, try to eat them at this stage and not later but all the same they still taste amazingly!
p.s. I completely forgot to say what or how we did it! Basically you push them into moist compost, quite a few at a time and jut keep watering them. Let them grow (takes a couple of weeks) and reap the benefits! Eat them young as they come up and then sow some more!


Craft Matters said…
What a brilliant idea - they look delicious!
Lyn said…
I love Alys Fowler and her trendy gardening ideas!
Anonymous said…
It takes ages to load video clips on my computer, so I'll just the idea simply that you plant peas in a planter instead of in the ground? And then eat the young vines?
About how long does it take from planting to "harvest"?
Thanks :)
inmykitchen said…
Have also grown pea shoots thanks to Alys.

Delicious last night in a salad with other home grown lovliness.

Am off to eat peas from the pod. Yum
chestnut said…
How are you?
I'm Japanese who meets you at OPNHOUSE in 2009.

I joined ”KOTUYU-ICHI”(Craft free market).
My booth is Art of cutting paper.
Please see the site,when you have time.
vintage mum said…
Hi just found your blog I love the pea shoots idea I will have a go this weekend, thanks

Cate x
Funkymonkey said…
I loved that series but haven't tried growing the pea shoots yet.

Woo Gilchrist said…
Flippin' ada - I'm gonna try that!
Red said…
Hi Em, how you doing? I am finally back in the bloggie world!! the pea shoots look delish, might have to give it a go!
red (aka: jules!)
they taste great!
i have done the exact same thing~onto my second batch, happily growing on my kitchen windowsill :)
Unknown said…
wow, it never occurred to me that the peas meant for eating would actually sprout - always assumed they were treated in some way! The peas you buy to grow are so expensive by comparison.
Simon said…
Tried this out after reading your method of growing Pea Shoots. Worked a treat , came up really quickly.. delicious too! Garden Centres are selling "shoot" peas for 3 or 4 times the price of a box of Bigga Peas aswell so you save a bit of money doing it! (more in a box of Bigga to boot!) .. wonderful tip Alys

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