A beautiful bounty!

Yet again time has elapsed and my poor blog has been neglected!
Where does the time go?
It goes on growing this beautiful bunch of flowers!

Nature is so wonderful. I can't stop looking at all the shapes, colours, patterns and formations of all these flowers.

I had completely forgotten which Dahlias I had planted so you can imagine my surprise at the pink explosion of this one! Its like a firework!

I have been growing flowers at my allotment ever since we did for our wedding. It brings back such happy memories.

Not only are we getting a bounty of flowers but the first potatoes have been dug and eaten!
Now, courgettes! I love em! I love growing them and we do love eating them but for some reason I decided to grow quite a few! Mmmm, good idea?
Lets just say its amazing what you can come up with when you have a glut!
It sounds weird but it is SCRUMPTIOUS! So much so that we are on our second cake!

As its a time of harvesting look what my lovely neighbour left in a bag for me outside my door!
I sorted it all into lovely bundles ready to hang and dry.

I will be making lots of lovely scented hearts this winter!
Anyway, I will endeavor to write a new post very soon. Lots of very exciting new things are happening at the mo (another reason for the lack of posts), thanks for popping by! x


Bertie Meadows said…
Your cake looks delicious, and because it's full of veggies you can have an extra slice can't you - of course you can!

Bertie x
Lyn said…
Interesting sounding cake!
My garden is sadly neglected at the moment but your are doing well!
Karen Roderick said…
Totally gorgeous. My flowers are wilting a little now, but yours are still blooming!
vintage mum said…
Lovely colours
your cake sounds good is it one of your 5 a day ?
Cate x
Red said…
oohh courgette cake - just what I need- we have so many of the blighters, rapidly turning into marrows!!
pinkgreen said…
Dahlias are some of my favourite flowers. I bought a bunch today but I've never been able to grow them with any success - the slugs or earwigs get them first. The courgette cake looks delicious too - I haven't made one this year yet, but I feel a baking session coming on!
Cathy X
monkeemoomoo said…
These beautiful flowers brighten a very grey and wet winter's day here.

And guess what cake I am planning to make this afternoon. Chocolate and beetroot cake!! If it's any good I'll be posting about it!
Silky Prudence said…
Beautiful flowers - I forgot to plant my dahlia bulbs this spring so it's nice to someone elses! Now then, do you have the recipe for that gorgeous looking cake? I've got 3 (eep!) courgette plants and I'm picking them every day and rapidly running out of ideas!
Unknown said…
Your flowers look wonderful!
Oh and pass the chocolate cake, Mmmmm Kxxx
VixenLily said…
all looks beautiful :)
Very impressive, thanx for sharing!
A Thrifty Mrs said…
Beautiful photos. Can I have some cake please?

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