Having fun when making!

A couple of years ago I made some Peg Doll Fairies for the Christmas Open House.
I drew the faces and hair on using felt tip pens!

Having a good old chat with the lovely Ragged Roses some time ago, she mentioned that you could buy little faces just for peg dolls!
So i bought some and squirreled them away, like you do!

When clearing out my sewing cupboard the other day, I came across an envelope filled with these faces! How could I have forgotten such sweet innocent expressions!?

This is where the fun bit happened! I decided to paint the hair on these lovely ladies. Can you imagine my surprise to find that such a simple thing as painting different hairstyles could make someone so happy!

There I was Classic FM on, painting away imagining each one as a unique character!

Perhaps they were whispering to each other.......

........''who is this strange woman seeking such simple pleasures!"

......... "I'm in the queue next!" ...... " ooh, look at her with her polka dot top!"

At least one has her wings and skirt, just need to get her jewels and sparkles on, fit for the top of the tree!
See, you can have fun when making things!


Absolutely gorgeous. What fun!
They do look real 'characters' I can imagine them the stars of their own book! Do you write?
vintage mum said…
I made peg dolls with my Rainbow Guides for a Summer Fair Competion I must post pics of them all, they really enjoyed making them, I love those little faces :)
cate x
They are cute peggies. Love their little faces.
Unknown said…
Really lovely :) x
Millie D said…
These bring back such good memories,
Kate Kelleher said…
What fun! Love these, reminds me of younger days!!!
Tina said…
I love these dollies faces - last year I spent ages drawing faces on my wooden dollies which I wanted to make into xmas fairies for the tree. I spent so long do ing this I didnt have time to actually finish 1 doll! Where did you get the faces from? Someof my faces look a bit scary and could do with a face lift.
PS - love your chair seat covers in the Making magazine.
These are so sweet, and totally agree about the hair styles. I don't suppose you can remember where the faces came from as I'd love to buy some too.
monkeemoomoo said…
I looove these!!! Gorgeous outfits!

Did you buy these on line?? I need some. I drew some faces on some pegs that we have here, but was not happy with look. So still, no peg dolls!

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