I am so hip with my syrup! Rosehip Syrup, the tutorial!

1. Take yourself off for a gorgeous walk where there's a bounty of FREE hedgerow pickings!
I picked about 2lb of rosehips, the boys....... none!
Give them a good wash and take off the stems.

2. Place in a food blender and give them a good blitz, this will help them mash up and allow the flavours to seep out more.

3. Put about 2pints of water in the pan, bring to the boil and add the rosehips, then bring back to the boil and turn off the heat. Leave it to macerate for about 20 mins.

4. Now find yourself a suitable stand (erm, excuse the camera tripod!) and strain the rosehips through a jelly bag over a bowl for about an hour.
5. Boil the remaining 2 half pints of water and add the rosehip pulp. Repeat the process above!

6. Add the two liquids together and boil so that they reduce to about 1half pints. When reduced add 1lb of sugar and let it dissolve over a low heat then turn up the heat and boil for about 5 minutes.

7. Then pour into sterilized bottles and enjoy!
We have and apparently it tastes pretty darn fine with champagne.....


sweetmyrtle said…
am glad you used a muslin and not old wooly tights like sue perkins on the good life for her cheese.. did you see it? v. funny & full of innuendo. camera tripod ~ inspired!
good luck with the open house... love the soft sagey festive greens and wine reds of your creations : )

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