Spring into May.

Weddings, cakes, magazine and MAY!

Wow, what a few months that was, not only have I had yet another feature made, written and featured in Making Magazine but I had to organise a big surprise for my Fathers 80th Birthday!

As a secret squirrel I planned, texted and cooked up a surprise visit from my sister and family all the way from Australia!

Then between all my sisters and brothers we finished it off with a huge surprise Birthday Party! Success!

May, another busy time of year for us in the Sew Recycled household.

A visit to Gloucestershire is a must, celebrating Easter with my hubby's family....

Walking amongst the gorgeous wild garlic....

..... how magical it all seems.

Embracing the countryside and refreshing our depleting energy for the onslaught of yet another big birthday (hubby's 40th!)....

Then returning home to SO much sewing.....

......... brooch making........

.....fairy skirts........

...and bunny keyrings! Why?
Tis Open House season of course!
4 Weekends of tantalising houses, gorgeous art, spectacular crafts and scrumptious cakes!
So, pop in if your down in Brighton, I will be here at 202 Ditchling Road, so much to see and if you like anything the great thing is you buy and take it home!


What a lovely post. Wild garlic and lots of crafty things...great mix (-;
dottycookie said…
Oh, I wish we were going to be down there - we may possibly be down over half term visiting my parents so you never know!

Hope it all goes brilliantly!
Unknown said…
Great post! Congratulations on another publication!!! Fab!
JuicyFig said…
Living the Dream!! wonderful post - good luck with the open house, I just wished I love a couple of hundred miles closer!

So many co-incidences! My siblings and I have just spent a wonderful weekend, including a surprise party for my parents Golden Wedding/mum's 70th birthday and a surprise visit from my brother and his family from Germany (not quite as far as Oz).
Hubby and I have also cycled a lot the last few weeks and one of the routes takes us right through a woodland full of amazing wild garlic.
Have fun at your Open House!
Teresa x
BaggieAggie said…
Lovely post and lovely blog.

I'm always tempted to put wild garlic in the garden, but OH says it goes, er, wild and completely takes over! So will stick to the culinary sort, methinks! :)

Rosie. x
Anonymous said…
Sounds very busy and very lovely! Big congratulations on the magazine!

Katie x
Alia said…

Im your follower!

I really really liked your blog!

Keep up the good work!

Do visit mine too at http://aliascreativelife.blogspot.com/

vintagetown said…
Love your notice board - great makes!

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