Things that are making me happy!

Walking in the glorious Sussex countryside...

my cheeky son

crochet can these not make you smile!

Rain drops

an old candle holder


a mad lampshade

pretty pale pink geranium

...and again, I am really loving re-connecting with my crochet!


Little Brown Bird said…
That crochet is beautiful....I'm going to have go get hooking :)
Little Brown Bird said…
to* I'm so excited I can't type!
Tina said…
Your crochet is looking gorgeous!!
obviously colour makes you smile. Are they baby spoons or toothbrushes?
Pomona said…
Lots of things to make me smile, too!

Pomona x
Maria Rose said…
Oh what lovely pictures. I love the crochet and your son is hilarious!
I drift in and out of different types of crafting too. Your crochet is looking glorious, and I'm fascinated by the photo of the eyes on your son's hands! Love Vanessa xxx
Helen said…
We've all got to hang on to the things that make us happy. you can't help but smile at the 'picasso' photo of your son. Lovely :)

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