Mr Foxy Loxy & the Fun of the Fair!

Over the last few weeks a family of foxes have been playing and relaxing in the garden. Its amazing how confident the young ones are.
I caught this one quite happily resting on our shed roof usually the spot where JamJam our cat suns herself!
As you can see from the above photo, she has taken it upon her self to find new relaxing and somewhat awkward places to preen herself..... this is our sun awning above the outside eating area of our garden. Daft cat!

Back to the Mr Foxy Loxy...... this was another one I spied from the kitchen window, sleeping in the garden. JamJam was happily sleeping on her shed too.
They seem to get on well together.

Such a beautiful fox, it allowed me to step out and take photos, quite close too! It even posed for this picture!
Im not surprised with all this heat.

Now, it is the season for school sports days and summer fairs.....
I like to have something new to sell on my stall so this year I decided to make use of all those little scraps that I found whilst sorting out that rather huge mess in my treasure chest!

I'm not one for throwing things away especially when it comes to bits of fabric so bunting seemed a fitting use of what would have been discarded....
.....we all love bunting and it certainly brightens up a gloomy corner or two.

I love the mix of patterns.....

... and varying sizes.

They went down rather well at the fair, one customer even invited me round to her house today and showed me how she has fixed hers to the awning above their outside space. It looks so beautiful gently flapping in the breeze. If you would like to purchase some I have just put them in my Etsy and Folksy shop.

I went rather mad on creating bunting this year......

... I had purchased some Union Jack fabric about a year ago, stashing it away for something special!

These look great in the garden too or perfect for that beach hut (a dream!)
You can't go wrong with a bit of gingham and pompom trim!

So with a hectic time till the end of term we all need to 'keep calm' a little whilst carrying on!
Enjoy the sun and stiff upper lip I say!


Beki said…
Love the UJ bunting, have bookmarked it in the hope it's still there come pay day!

B xxx
vintagetown said…
Oh naughty Mr Fox, what a bad boy he is...
Love your bunting! Spookily, I am just in the middle of making a length of festive VE day bunting for my daughter's primary school (they're doing WW2 as their history project) so I shall look to you for inspiration! Mine's all recycled fabric so far...
vintage town x
Ah brilliant bunting! Yep, loving Sussex, haven't looked back for a moment! So nice to hear from you,

Sarah x
I just happened upon your blog - and I'll definately be back again!!! Your photos are really amazing - and everything's so happy and colourful! AND I just LOVE bunting - it always makes me smile!!!
Ragged Roses said…
Beautiful bunting Emma! And I can vouch, that, having seen it in the flesh, it's even lovelier than in your photos!!! Must try and catch a glimpse of Mr Foxy Loxy next time I come round.

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