Its time to deck the halls!

Its that time of year.......

Every year I pop round to Jo Sweeting house to one of her Wreath Workshops!

Her house is so Christmassy, plenty of wine, flowers, berries, foliage......

......Carols, more wine and lovely company whilst making the most beautiful door wreaths!

Her house is warm......

.....and cosy, full of laughter!

A perfect start to getting that Christmas feeling and getting the house decorated.

I have become addicted to making these paper flowers, Jo had bought me this book as a Birthday present and they have now become this years Christmas Card!

Even the boys have been decorating the house!

I love this cheeky Elf and Angel from the Playmobile set!

Candy Cane is a must!

And of course Father Christmas has to come out every year, he used to sit on my Grandparents windowsill every Christmas!

A few decorations need to go out yet, but lets build it up slowly!

So lets raise our glasses and here's to a very Merry Christmas and a healthy Happy New Year to you ALL! XXX


Lyn said…
I love the paper flowers and that tree is gorgeous in the last Photo.
Merry Christmas!
Ruth said…
Oh that wreath is amazing!Although I do love the playmobil too - there is plenty of that at our house. Happy Christmas to you all!

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