Jubilee Celebrations and all things British!

Ive been adding new stock to my shop today and realised there seems to be a Union Jack theme going on!
I made these Royal Bunting Garlands to sell at the Open House .

The idea came from my Scrap Bunting idea and I really like them a lot. They were quite popular at the Open House too so with a few left I thought I had better get them up there in the shop ready for all the pomp and ceremony we  are about to have here in old Blighty!

But of course its not just the Jubilee that we are all going to be enjoying this year, I have a feeling that quite a few of us will be cheering on the boys and girls of Great Britain in that Great Sporting Event that we are not allowed to say on any merchandising that anyone has handmade in England! (sorry but how silly is that?)

So will you be out hanging the flags?

What are your feelings on that big Great Sporting Event?

We are not a huge sporting family and I must admit we didn't even apply for tickets. Im not keen on huge crowds and would rather not spend a fortune to sit with them all.

I will probably be found in the garden, feet up and sewing for England making more of these Union Jack ''Keep Calm" buntings!

I have been making these Union Jack Needle cases for a couple of years, always popular at the craft fairs.

So if like me you will be busy Making Britain proud of Homemade talent (making!!!), enjoy this sunny weather, put your pins and needles safely away and raise a glass of Pimms!



Ellouise88 said…
Oh everything is wonderful!

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