Updating a footstool.

A few months ago out on a bargain hunting boot sale adventure with the lovely Kim from Ragged Roses, I came across this really sweet footstool.
It was perfect in every way except the rather dreary fabric. Yet as many project in this house it was used but was on that To Do List of re-upholstering one day!
Then disaster, a play date friend of my sons decided to use it as a trampoline...hence the broken leg! It was shuved up stairs and became another item to add to the To Do List!

Then one day I found the perfect material to cover it with, a gorgeous vintage looking tea towel from one of my favourite shops Utility
My next problem was how to finish it off........

.....Jane Means came to the rescue!

So after a battle with a hammer, screwdriver and nails, I managed to remove the old cover, fix the broken leg and fix on the tea towel using the original nails.
With a huge choice of ribbons by Jane Means, I decided on using the Vintage Blue Denim Style Ribbon as the edging.

I used good old UHU to stick the ribbon, carefully going around covering up the nails. This ribbon is perfect complements the fabric of the stool. There are variations in the Denim style ribbon, I think Jane has really come up with an interesting twist on these ribbon, the projects you can use it on are endless!

But for now, its time to put my feet up and relax.....

.... that's if I can get a certain little someone off my footstool!


Your renovated footstool looks very professional, and the denim ribbon sets it off beautifully.
Jane Means said…
Love it!

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