Cloudbusting - Kate Bush

I am obsessed with clouds......

.....Autumnal clouds.

There shapes and vast scale are AMAZING!

The evening ones can be breathtaking........

...stormy clouds can be quite scary.

I sometimes imagine I can fly up to them like a bird, bursting through there fluffy mounds!

Did you ever play that game of imagining what shapes, animals and people you could see in the clouds?
We used to spend hours with our heads crooked up to the sky seeing a man with a pipe or a squirrel with a big fluffy tail like the one above!

This cloud stretched across the whole of the Sussex skyline above the downs out to the sea, like a footpath!

No matter where you are you will always be able to look up and see the clouds....

I'm sure i am not the only one who has a fascination !


BusyLizzie said…
I have been taking a lot of pictures of clouds lately. They have been looking magnificent
Looking for shapes in clouds is one of our favourite things to do with the children on long car journeys. Your photos are great.
yo-yo said…
I too am OBSESSED with clouds! I am always taking photos of the sky.... I think it is a natural thing to be so curious about them!
Jak said…
I love the sky, full-stop, especially a BIG sky. Lovely piccies. Loving Kate Bush also!
Jak x
Said very quietly while no one else is listening but I have a collection of cloud photos on my wall. It gives me open space in a crowded house.
BusyLizzie said…
Things Hand Made love the idea of an open space in a crowded house
Emma Herian said…
Im glad Im not alone on the cloud addiction, they are absolutely amazing!
little peach said…
These are just beautiful! Fantastic song too!

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