Cold Enamel - Christmas Decorations

The other day I was fortunate enough to have this amazing Cold Enamel Kit sent to me in the post.
The lovely people at Specialist Crafts have a huge array of kits and materials that are perfect for those crafty makers like myself.

When I was at University doing my degree in 3 Dimensional Design Crafts (many moons ago!) I was really gutted that I couldn't do the metal enameling as it was only for the 2nd year if you chose metal work. I had always wanted to have a go so being sent this box was rather exciting!

Inside were 6 colours, plastic gloves, mixing sticks and cups and all the other components you needed to get making and creating!

What to make.......?

You can use this kit on almost any materials from wood, metal, ceramic and paper.

So what with Christmas around the corner I found these fab 3d papermache stars, hearts and Christmas trees at my local Craft store.

The process of cold enamelling is very similar to working with resin (something I specialised in at Uni!)
By mixing your colour first and adding the enamel hardener to the recommended amount you simply paint it on the object. Let it dry for 24hrs and hey presto you have a glass like surface!

By following the very simple and easy instructions you can add anything to the mixture, here I added a fine powdery glitter to a final white top coat, very effective frosty look!

In the kit there was a cherry red clear colour, so I covered the heart in some foil.....

...and added red glitter to the mixture. The effect was absolutely scrumptious I thought!

You can have endless fun by adding colours on top of each other and see how they spread, I loved the effect above but didn't anticipate it to spread so much...

...but it still looked lovely and by placing a sparkly gem in the middle before it set, this changed it even more!
I think next time I might wait for each colour to set before adding more colours on I still have lots of materials left in the kit!
More fun to be had!
I strongly recommend you be patient and take your time but most of all have fun with it!


Straight on my Christmas list!

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