'Chip' the needle felted Jack Russell, doting pet for a Red Nose Day Doll!

After the success and admiration of Salty the sea dog, I was left feeling bereft by his absence!
The best way to cure such sadness was to create a new friend for one of the Red Nose Day Dolls.

'Chip' is a sweet and shy little Jack Russell

With fine markings and a happy wagging tail!

His little face just makes you want to kiss him and melts your heart!

Like 'Salty' he wanted a unique little tie around the neck and being a shy little gentleman I decided to make him a rather splendid bow tie!

Dapper don't you think?

...and of course as its all for Red Nose Day he was given his very own Red Nose. (He seems to wear his a lot better than Salty!)

Ive also made a special box for him, like Salty it has his name embroidered on the top!

Bless him, I do miss him too now he is at Red Nose Day Dolls HQ.

So, if you want to get your mitts on either Salty or Chip then head over to the Red Nose Day Dolls Ebay page where the auction is on for 10 days!

Each doll has a small collection of fab pieces each made by clever crafts people.
You will find Salty in Macs trousseaux....
...and Chip is in Blossoms trousseaux!

As you can see, all 4 dolls are rather excited about their fame, interviews in The Guardian, TV  appearance on Graham Nortons Big Chat show and of course....


Mac, Salty and the cat with no name have their own film!
Enjoy and get bidding!


Used-to-Bees said…
Completely adorable! Going to look at the ebay page now - what a great fundraiser.
hausfrau said…
Aren't you clever - and I love the flowers too.
dottycookie said…
He's so cuuuuuute!
Unknown said…
WOW!! What a cutie!! You did an awesome job!
I'm in love! :) x
Unknown said…
Hi Emma, do you know how much Salty has raised yet? I just took a look at the ebay link and some of the dolls have reached £400+ it's fantastic! x
Emma Herian said…
Hi @craftyandcake ! Salty is with Mac the red Nose Day Doll! Its amazing what they are raising, still a few days left!!!
cotton happy said…
He is just the spit of my Jack Russell Pip. I missed the auction. Please please make another. In fact, if I send you a photo....;-)

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