Choo choo! A fun day out at the Bluebell Railway!

During the Easter break we got to enjoy a cold day out at the Bluebell Railway.
For years they have wanted to re-open the line between Kingscote and East Grinstead, with lots of fundraising and lots of enthusiastic steam train fans they have finally achieved what seemed an impossible goal.

This has now added an extra ten minutes of pure joy as you cut through the landscape. Steam, smoke and pistons moving, you can see, smell and feel how it must have been scary and exciting in the early days as a huge giant of a monster would rip through the stillness of the countryside.

The pace of life would have been so much slower than now, easing you into a days work, taking you on a trip to the seaside or visit a Great Uncle on  the outskirts of an industrial town.... (I was ear wigging in the carriages, listening to tales of the elderly)

At Sheffield Park (the start of our journey) they have the most amazing shed full of the giant steam engines. We always have to take the obligatory ''Help, there's a train chasing me!" photo!

Looking at past pictures of this event, I cant quite believe how much my boys have grown and become such lovely fun! : /

I love observing every detail especially the typography used on the trains and around the stations. The above picture always reminds me of Eric Ravilious work, especially this picture!

Simply beautiful.....

 ...even the numbers!

Unfortunately the day had to come to an end, I didn't want to find my way out!


I went on the Bluebell railway quite a few years ago. My boys loved it, especially as someone was asleep in their lunch when we stopped!
Red said…
aw, one of our fave places, we used to go all the time with picnics and Sunday papers when the kids were smaller!
We went on the first day of the EG link being opened just a few weeks ago, in the snow, it was fab!

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