Needle Felting with the ladies of Petworth!

I do love teaching, especially when so many people go home with the most amazing pieces of work they have created, I feel like I have taught well, shared the knowledge and joy of a craft that will go on to  make so many people happy.

The recent needle felting workshop I taught at Charlottes who runs the Cotton Wool Store shop in Petworth, Sussex was a sheer joy. So many wonderful dogs, cat and polar bear were made. The lovely Jen from The Make Box and also Gillian from Paisley Pedlar have both written a post on their blogs about their experiences of the day, I feel very humble, thankyou x

The characters of all the lovely ladies who made them certainly showed within their pieces....

.... a fine pack of animals don't you think!

Just look at their faces, such characters, expressions......

Usually there is a stage in the making process where everyone gets worried that their creature will look like some overgrown ape, but as they start adding definition, colour, ears, nuzzle and eyes, it all comes together with great excitement!

If you are interested in learning how to make one of these Polar Bears or any other animal....

... I am holding another workshop with Charlotte. 

Book now for the perfect early Christmas gift or treat!

How could you not resist!

And on another note, I have been given the great honour of being voted as one of the TOP TEN craft bloggers by the lovely Homecrafts people.



Jo said…
I am felting at the moment but my items are a bit 2D and now I feel like branching out after seeing those great creatures. I teach crochet and I have the same teaching feelings as you - I am always walking on air afterwards. Jo x

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