In between the rain and hail are glimmers of Spring and life!

For someone who normally is happy with winter I can honestly say its been rather grim out there!
Ive had to resort to buying flowers to cheer up the gloomy days, these Anemones have been divine to look at as they slowly unravel their colourful petals.

The skies have produced the most amazing colours too just after hail and rain storms and with the odd glimpse of sun the heart has warmed too, enough to venture up the allotment….

…to finally dig, clear and get the beds ready for some Spring planting and sowing.
Ive invested in some horse muck this year to give the soil a boost as with all this rain I'm sure some of the goodness has washed away down the slope of my allotment. (Probably very fertile at the bottom then!)

Yesterday was gorgeous up there, the soil is so crumbly and the worms are HUGE! 

Im so pleased I invested in some fruit cages to protect my Kale 'Nero' from the pesky pigeons as its not only beautiful but an important green veg in our household!

My heart just goes out to all those who are suffering from the floods in the South West, its hard enough just to keep a small plot going, imagine how those farmers must feel seeing their livelihoods hit once again, heartbreaking. You can help by either following @FLAGSomerset on Twitter who are doing a sterling job or donate to the Somerset Community on their Just Giving page.

The odd bit of sun has meant there are a few and I mean a few flowers starting to peek out of the undergrowth in the garden, enough to have a small posy….

The violets smell divine.

 I hope you are all coping with this weather, remember Spring is around the corner!


Curlew Country said…
You have to be great full for those tiny moments of joy during the deluge. Lovely allotment, miss ours. Must pop out and see if we've got any violets out yet. X

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