Eat Cake, Bake Bread, Spring Shoots, Skip into creativity!

Oh my goodness, we have finally got some gorgeous weather!

At last I have been able to sow some seeds, Ive managed to get some broad beans started off on the window seal. I find this works for me otherwise the mice get the seeds up at the allotment! Since this photo was taken I have 6 healthy plants and another 6 on the go.

Up at the allotment the sun has really helped a few things along, I was rather shocked but very happy by the ruby stems of Rhubarb forcing their way out of the ground.  

So those came home pronto and turned into the most delicious Rhubarb cake slices, sweet and full of vanilla but a touch of tartness from the Rhubarb….they didn't last long!
I picked some of the kale too, so tender it melted in your mouth!

Of course with all this lovely sunshine the greengrocer is selling gorgeous Spring flowers, so pretty and full of sunshiny joy!

Ive been enjoying seeing all the lovely loaves people have been making for 52loavesproject especially Lou of Little Green Shed and Emma of Bradshaw & Sons creations. I grew up with my mum making loaves almost every day (I'm one of 6 children!) so why do I not bake my own. I do have a bread machine which is ok but its not quite the same.
So with the warm sun hitting the kitchen I got kneading….it was great, tasted so much nicer than the bread machine version and so easy! (I think I will have a lot of catching up to do though, think mine will be more likely a 32.5loavesprojet!!!)

With new shoots comes new life as well as a new drive to get creative again!

I had promised to make this dear Lakie for the lovely Liz and she waited so patiently for little Macy….

….to be honest, i didn't want to let Mini Macy go as she was so adorable, but alas she was sent off in her personalised box to be presented to the real Macy...

….I think she liked her!


Unknown said…
It looks perfect your loaf! It doesn't matter that you've joined in now. I am just happy you have caught the baking bug. Lou xx
Jo said…
The dog is a perfect mini- likeness. Jo x

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