Button the Needle Felted secret birthday commission and workshop dates!

A few weeks ago I had to be a secret squirrel and make a very special cat for a dear friends partner. They own the most gorgeous cat called Button, what a great name!

When I make to commission I start by looking at all the lovely photos a client will send me, ask questions about the character of the animal and anything special that might be attached to that pet, for instance a toy.

I find it quiet nerve wracking to get the expression of the pet when working to order as they are so personal to the client but from the start, creating Button I knew she has the most sweetest look on her face, as well as a lot of fur!

Button is an extremely lucky cat to have such adoring owners. 
She has a beautiful handmade spotty bow tie and used to have the most amazing cardboard castle to venture into (with bunting) made by her Daddy!

so when it came to make the box for Button it was in the shape of a castle along with bright bunting and her special embroidered name label on the top!

Dear little Button was a pleasure to make and was a lovely surprise for her new owner.
Yet again I found it hard to handover the final piece!

Here she is with her real life muse!

If you fancy having a go at making your own little 'Button' or any other little pet I now have some new workshop dates ready to be booked.
They will be held in Petworth by the lovely Charlotte of The Cotton Wool Store, either email her or visit the website to book one of the dates!

Needle Felting Animal Workshops
Monday 15th September 2014
Tuesday 7th October 2014

Needle Felting 2D Landscape Workshops
Wednesday 15th October 2014

Christmas Needle Felting Workshop
Monday 17th November 2014


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