#52LoavesProject A year on.....

Do you remember the #52Loavesproject ?
It was thought up by the lovely Lou and Dan from Little Green Shed a year ago, the idea being that you tried to make a loaf of bread from scratch, once a week for a year.
Soon the interest grew in the blogging world and a number of us embarked on the project.

Our loaves were ok but we were all not quite mastering a good loaf.
That all changed when the fabulous Tom Herbert and his amazing team at Hobbs House Bakery heard about the project and invited us up to Hobbs HQ for a bloggers day.

When i say change I mean a radical change for myself and my family.
I do not buy shop bread anymore!!! 

Yep, apart from the odd loaf from my local bakery I refuse to buy any 'plastic' bread!
I invested in not 1 but 2 banneton to prove the loafs, shower caps and a baking stone to inject that super heat needed for a spring in the rise as it cooks.

Ive mastered the sourdough but managed to kill my 'Hobbsie' starter (Think I might have to buy a new one guys!) 

We had the best Hotcross buns ever this year, better than our famous local Ravens Bakery ones!

My biggest Le Parfait jar is always full of the best bread flour......

...ready for that therapeutic almost daily loaf ritual.
Wheatgerm, seeds, berries and nuts have been added, pittas and baps have been made and consumed  (a homemade pitta is heaven, trust me!)
The #52LoavesProject has opened my eyes, it has brought happiness to our family, encouraged others  and brought together a group of strangers who now have become friends, thank you to all.

The humble loaf, let it change your life!


Agy said…
Good for you! I've been trying to get my bread to rise but to no avail. Not sure if it's the yeast or.... :-(
Oh my God...so cool...love your Hot Cross Buns! I applaud you,no shop bought bread is a real achievement, fantastic --x--
laundryetc said…
Great challenge. The efforts are so rewarded aren't they?
What a wonderful thing...to make bread. I've always lived in cold and draughty houses where the dough refuses to rise, so I gave up a long time ago. Maybe I just need a master class. X

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