A creative and inspiring day spent at the 5ftinf Table Workshop

I was lucky enough to spend Mothers Day at the 5ftinf Table Workshop held by my good friend and a very talented lady Philippa Stanton.

If you are not yet acquainted with Philippa's work then just simply type in the word 5ftinf into google images and you will be taken to another world of colourful magic!
The 'table' has become a rather famous piece of furniture in the social media world with its  companion of accessories, just take a look on her Instagram page!  

In Philippa's workshop we were guided through the processes that make Philippa's images so unique, above was a really fun start using vintage newspaper cuttings, a way to get us relaxed and giggle!

We then moved on to props using items from Philippa's personal collections, her home is like museum full of curiosities from her adventures in life.
I found this task the hardest as she really made us break those boundaries we have, mine being order and straight lines!

As it was Mother's Day here in the UK we were treated to the most amazing fountain pens from Plooms, the colours were so gorgeous and Philippa had chosen the right one for each of us. 

After an amazing lunch that Philippa had created we went on to combine all we had learnt with a few extra 'messy' techniques and with an amazing array of simply stunning flowers.

The books might give away Philippa's blog name!

So for our final piece we were let loose, guided and inspired....

...... a truly fun day  with some inspiring people and a head full of ideas that will make me look at my work in a whole new way, a colourful, textural and energetic way!
Thanks Phil x


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