Festival Bangles ~ simple Summer craft tutorial

You Will Need
Plain Metal Bangles
Silk Embroidery Thread
Glue Gun

For a quick make just before you head out to a Summer Festival why not try making these simple but colourful bangles, a perfect accessory for any festival attire!

1. Take one plain metal bangle and wrap colourful silk embroidery thread around it sticking the ends down with a dab of glue. Change colours to make it bright and cheerful.

2. To make a simple tassel, wind the embroidery thread around a piece of card about fifteen times, thread three lengths of embroidery thread under the loop and tie in a tight knot. 

3. Cut the other end of the loop to release from the card.

4. Then wrap some more thread around the tail a few centimetres from the knotted end to form a cinch, tie off and then trim the tail of the tassel for the desired length. Take the longer threads and plait to form one piece and tie to the bangle. 

5. Add on some colourful beads by simply threading on to some embroidery thread and fasten to the bangle, repeat all the processes above to make more bangles.

All thats left to do is wear with pride and have some festival fun!



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