An #Instawalk with a difference!

Bank Holiday morning we decided to take the boys out for a family day only to bombarded with the usual 'Not a country walk!' 'Don't want to go there' 'Ugh!'
So after a family discussion an idea popped into my head, we all like using our phones, 3 of us use Instagram, we all love art, some of us wanted to go into town, some wanted a walk.... how about a Graffiti Insta Walk!

Taking the idea from many Instagrammers and how much #Instawalk can be, we headed out to town (Brighton) with strict rules.

1. No going into shops for shopping
2. We must walk there and back
3. We each can suggest a street or area we know where there is graffiti 
4. We must stop for tea and cake!

 Living in Brighton you take it all for granted and this little trip out was so enlightening. The creativity and skill of the graffiti artist is breathtaking and the places we found them were so exciting!

We ventured down streets we have never been down, looked up at places we pass often without really taking in what surrounds us....

Photo opportunities were popping up in the most unusual places providing perfect Instagram material!

Spending time as a family in such an unique way really made it fun, we talked, laughed and encouraged each other, the young teaching the old some new tricks! *Photo angles, see last picture!

I got a bit obsessed with doors, how they either added to the art or created interesting contrast!

We found out which graffiti artists we liked, new and old, the ideas were unbelievable, some truly beautiful!
As our feet became tired we indulged in Rule 4, ending the day with copious tea and coffee with cake too big to finish. We returned home with phones full of ideas, conversation and a doggie bag of cake!

I would say that was a successful family day out, don't you!

You can catch more of my pictures in a Steller Story that I put together, enjoy!


Brilliant idea for a day out. We did something similar a couple of years ago in Bristol, seeking out Banksy.

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