Treading water, struggling through, trying to cope.....

As this post title mentions life isn't quite going right for us at the moment and we as a family are feeling like we are treading water.

My father was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia back in 2014 and we've had ups and downs with this horrible disease, challenges that we have over come or adapted to but now its stepped up its game and we've had a really tough 4 weeks.

My poor father has been stuck in hospital all that time, we have seen him change into a person trapped in body he doesn't want to be in, many tears have been shed through sadness, depression, frustration, anger and even joy.
As a family we have had to make some huge decisions that you hoped you would never have to make, daily life and routine has gone out of the window....weve been trying to cope.

Its felt like a LONG 4 weeks and now we are entering another week , waiting for news, constantly on edge... struggling through. 

Occasionally I have been able to get some work done and being creative has been an amazing way to escape, therapy through any kind of art is a great stress relief especially if involves a needle felting needle, stabbing away!

Ive been restocking my Etsy shop with a tropical fruity collection of brooches....

...teaching a fantastic group of ladies needle felting landscapes!

They were amazing and I will definitely be teaching this workshop again soon!

When trips to the hospital have been stressful my drive home over the beautiful Sussex Down have been a huge joy, stopping to take in the stunning poppy and wheat/barley fields, taking in the seasons before they disappear in front of me....

...walking, breathing and taking stock before returning to my family.

Rainy days needed cheering up so adding more stock to my shop and creating new items like these apple brooches.

I know we have a few more tough days, weeks and even months ahead but we do have things to look forward to which will keep our family unit together even if the captain of the ship isn't quite at the helm anymore.

Treasure those moments and don't give up, there are still snippets of joy that you can always share with each other.


Aw, I'm so sorry for your struggles. Prayers and good wishes to all. On a happier note, those felted items are georgous! Jane x
Emma Herian said…
Thanks Jane x
Linda Walker said…
I love your brooches. I will have to pop over to your shop. I especially love the watermelon brooch! So very sorry to hear about your loved one! I am going through something similar so I know how very difficult it can be.

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