The healing of a sad heart...

Im a strong believer in letting nature be the natural way of moving forward when times are hard or sad. Just sitting with a cup of comforting tea whilst taking in the beauty and ugliness of some rosehips from the garden can heal that sadness deep in your heart.

Looking up just at the right time, a beam of light shining through a cloud of sorrow.

Exercise is a great way of pushing through the gloom of the day, Ive taken a leaf out of 5ftinf book and got back on my bike!

Early mornings, no traffic and in 15minutes I'm on top of the world, huffing and puffing the anger out of my soul....

....with a clear head and joy bursting through my smile, its free wheeling down hill to my family, my home, my LIFE!

"Enjoy everyday. There are only seven days in a week and they fly by!"
                                                                      * Frank Herian, my father.


Adriana said…
Great pictures friend :D

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