Needle felting back into a groove, its been a while!

Sorry for the silence, what with a tough end to 2016 and Christmas looming, I chose to put my energy into work. The best bit about my job is recreating someones beloved pets in needle felted wool, so you can imagine Christmas is a busy time of year for commissions.

Looking back to that last month of crazy stabbing I get to enjoy the fruits of my labour and I think you will agree with me that they were cute!

Doris the Lurcher (with my cat photo bombing!)

Lilley the sweetest cat commission!

Bess the English Springer Spaniel as a brooch

Buster the Boxer!

Pearl the greyhound

A special customised Schnauzer brooch

Teddy the well travelled Rat Terrier!

So its a new year and time to move on, I'm determined to look forward and embrace what may be thrown at me whether good or bad, but above all I now that my needle felting adventures will ground me, keep me going and enjoy what I do!


Well you may not have had a good end to 2016, but looking at those pictures I would say you made a lot of other people very happy! They are stunning. Hope 2017 brings you health and happiness and that you continue to enjoy your craft. Jenny x

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