A weekend out enjoying Artwave Festival in East Sussex

If you've been following me over on Instagram and Twitter you would have seen me posting about the Artwave Festival here in East Sussex.
Myself and Corina (Upper Lodge) volunteered to help out with the social media to highlight some of the artists who are slightly off the beaten track.
Lewes Artwave Festival extends to many villages around its centre, showcasing some very talented and creative artists.

Some of the venues are totally new to the experience and this will be there first time showing pieces of work in extraordinary places, for example Barcombe Nurseries is a fabulous venue well worth a look and also see just how they supply so many people with delicious organic veg boxes.

The work across all the trails are diverse, ranging from paintings , ceramics, textiles and prints. Some venues will be selling tea and cakes to help you feed the amount of energy you will use to visit so many places.

Our selection is just a few, to really appreciate the scale and plan your days of visiting do pop over to the Artwave Festival website and pick a trail, check out their Instagram and Twitter feed for more updates or have a look at our small film we put together to give you a tempting feast of whats on offer!

Enjoy x


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