allotment life - plot 102

 Ive talked about my allotment quite a bit in the past and its been a part of my life for nearly 12 years, so when I nearly lost it at the end of last year due to various reasons I was determined not let it sip through my fingers.
The photo above doesn't show how bad it had got, the whole area had simply gone to grass or weeds with brambles (that do have the most lush berries) that were trespassing on areas they shouldn't. With the help of my sister we spent the first couple months of this year cutting back and burning as much as we could. We built a new compost area as the first one was full and I have been digging over areas to reveal beautiful fertile soil. 

With the help of my two year old assistant nephew, we split the rhubarb and planted it in a long row, which has given it a new lease of life. I can't wait to have all those crumbles and even try making some rhubarb gin this year, my neighbours made it last year and it was delicious!
Whilst getting the plot back into shape Ive been growing some vegetable seedlings back home, so it was lovely to finally plant out the Broad Beans and some Sweet William seedlings.

These daffodils have been coming up every year on my plot, they must have been planted by a previous tenant some years back, so pale and dainty, a sign of warmer days ahead.
As we are trying to have less packaging in our household (yes we are still keeping on top of that) Im aiming to grow a lot more fruit and vegetables that will keep us going, I've also roped in my youngest son who's creating his very own herb bed. The intention is to get him out in the air and he loves the idea of creating his own herbal remedies, potions and creams!

  The weather has perked up after all the snow, the photo above was taken two weeks ago when I had a walk up to see the allotments, this little plot looked so pretty covered in a blanket of snow.
The warmth of the sun has helped spur on not only the allotment but inspired me, I can't believe how close I was to loosing this little bit of heaven, its a real sanctuary that will keep on giving throughout the seasons.


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