autumn, toadstool mushrooms, I'm totally a fungi needle felting production line queen!

Autumn is the most beautiful time of the year, a season that brings so much joy through colour, delicious food , woody scents that make you want to hanker down by a warm cosy fire after a gorgeous walk in the countryside.
It is also a time to start creating pieces of work that are very seasonal and popular at this time of year especially my little needle felted toadstool decorations.

 What is it about our fascination with fungi, does it go back to when our ancestors foraged for food, walking amongst the dark damp woodlands?
 I must admit I am quite addicted to looking at toadstools, mushrooms, fungi; there are so many species its quite breathtaking! I was given The Book Of Fungi by Peter Roberts and Shelley Evans a few years back and its a brilliant book to identify some amazing fungi from all over the world with detailed images that are perfect for my research. Ive also dedicated a board on Pinterest totally to fungi, I'm that obsessed!
Anyway, I decided to add to my toadstool range with these cute brooches, each one slightly different, unique pieces that can be worn adding that little bit of joy to any outfit.

Sometimes when working it can feel like your on a production line but creating unique pieces like this can remind you that what you do is fun!

 Talking of production line, it is the season for getting my Christmas stock ready and it feels like people are already getting ahead of me, sales of these toadstool decorations have started taken off the last couple of weeks so at the moment this is my current view.....

...toadstools coming out of my ears!

So if you want to start ordering any of the toadstools whether its a brooch, a small set of three or one of these larger ones then pop over to my Etsy or Folksy shops....
....I mean who doesn't love a toadstool!


Barbara said…
Hi there! I am a new needle felter, and I am in awe of your blog! I didn’t notice how old your blog post is, but had to comment anyway. I have made one toadstool, and it was fun. I’m now working on a fairy doll. Being self-taught with the help of the Internet, I hope to see more of your work and learn from it. I’m off to check your Etsy inventory now. Happy needle felting!

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