Needle Felting 20 Cute Projects To Felt With Wool - I wrote a book!

Ta da!!!!
Yep, the big big project I was working on last year and at the most heartbreaking time of my life was this book.
May I introduce you to Needle Felting - 20 Cute Projects To Felt From Wool, Emma Herian!
It has been a dream, a goal, an ambition to write my own book. Ideas have always been at the back of my mind whilst working for Making Magazine, ideas for books, tutorial and one day I just took the plunge and sent out my book proposal. The brilliant and amazing team at GMC Publications Ltd gave me that opportunity and I am so grateful for all their help in creating my book!

Photo Credit : GMC Publications Ltd

Photo Credit : GMC Publications

GMC Publications LTD
Photo Credit : GMC Publications Ltd

It's a book full of creative projects using the craft of needle felting with varying degrees of ability.
From simple Easter and Christmas decorations to pretty floral brooches and more challenging cute animals, there's something for everyone for any occasion, gift or decor.

It took months of really hard work under sometimes quite difficult circumstances (loosing my mum to pancreatic cancer) but I knew that I could do it to my best abilities and knowing mum was there at the beginning, proud of me which gave me that extra push when I needed it. I still can't quite believe I made all of the items and wrote all the words, Im an author....a craft author!

Anyhow, this book is a great one if your wanting to learn a new craft or brush up on your needle felting techniques. Its available in all good bookstores, online and hopefully if I managed to do it right, you will be able to purchase a signed copy from me via the link on the side bar.
Its a great stocking filler too!

 You can buy direct from me!
Signed Copy of Needle Felting Book


ur child said…
Well done mum! x
Congratulations on your book. The projects look fantastic.

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