One of your five a day - needle felted vegetables.

My most recent commission was a box of these needle felted vegetables. The client had seen my little vegetable brooches and wondered if I could scale them up so that she could attach them to a mobile she was making for her child.
What was lovely about this set was the chance to make a new vegetable that I haven't yet created - the red onion. I love researching something well when I am creating new pieces, just looking at bunches of red onions made me realise how beautiful they are (and tasty!).

As you can see, they were a huge success and have given me some new exciting ideas to plan, what would one of your five a day veggies be Out of choice, mine would definitely have to be purple sprouting... steamed, piled high with a dab of butter and seasoning!

Do enjoy the rest of the images....its healthy!


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