Autumn/Fall - The season of pumpkins, sunsets and cosy fires!

I love autumn so much, it is a time to enjoy the harvest that has been grown over the long summer months with stews and roasts. A time to see the weather change, leaves changing colour and falling gently to the ground. A time to snuggle under blankets and create cosy fires filling the air with that tinder box scent. A time to craft away on those darker nights, mending clothes, knitting socks and jumpers or decorations that celebrate the changes.

I know autumn is definitely here when orders from a far of pumpkins and toadstools pop up in my shop, its a busy time for me with commissions and getting stock ready for the winter months. Ive recently made a short film showcasing which autumnal fall projects you can make from my book Needle Felting - 20 Cute Projects To Felt From Wool which came out almost a year ago. Making the film was fun and gave me all the autumnal feels, its over on my YouTube.

Another reason to love autumn is the walks, October brings some of the most amazing colourful details that nature offers us, berries, leaves and sunsets!
Im a huge fan of walks in the colder months, being outside with the elements and nature fills me with so much positivity and energy that makes those cold nights even more enjoyable. The smells, sounds and sights fill the heart with a warmth and a zest for living, I just love it!

        The allotment is still providing at this time of year, certain flowers are coming into their best filling my home with colour, the dahlias and zinnias are looking amazing right now. The kale and spinach are filling my plate with their rich dark green leaves full of vitamins and minerals. This year was my best for pumpkins and squash, some have been stored away with the exception of one; my favourite the Crown Prince. A dense dark orange flesh with a blueish green skin and a nutty flavour I couldn't help but use it in last nights supper of tempura vegetables with a katzu curry sauce, heaven!

Anyway, enjoy this season for its beauty and appreciation of what Mother Nature provides us with!



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