Happy New Year - Miniature Needle Felted Dogs

2020, So that was some cray year eh!

Thank goodness that's over with,  although here in the UK we are back into another national lockdown. Hopefully this will be the last and Im sure we are all happy to move on to a healthier brighter 2021 now.

Last year did have some good points to it, I gained a new niece who is adorable but I can't wait to cuddle her without having to wear a mask. I finished a new top secret project which will be revealed in April, sales were up this Christmas which was amazing to see so many people supporting us small independent makers, so thank you.

I created some new miniature animals, they were ever so popular and fun to make.....

......they are perfect little reminders of beloved pets that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand or secretly squirrelled away in your pocket waiting to reassure you at any moment.

Ive also had some wonderful commissions and these miniature animals make perfect gifts that don't cost as much as my larger full body pieces.

 Anyway, I am going to try and post more on here over the next few weeks. I have some new ideas plus a few tutorials that I will be filming. Hopefully these will give our idle hands and our anxious minds a bit of therapy whilst we all hanker down in the lockdowns.
Let me know if there are any tutorials you might like!
Stay safe x


Unknown said…
What a talent you have! These are just precious!

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