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After a few years of debating with myself as to whether newsletters are relevant these days I have somehow convinced myself that yes, it is and it can actually be quite fun and inspiring to do.

It has given me new ideas, pushed me to sort out those shelved plans and embrace some more modern ways of sharing my creative processes. It will also be a chance to share what inspires me or things that you might find interesting.

One thing I have wanted to do for a while was to sell craft tutorials in my Etsy Shop that I haven’t yet or will get published.... Ive written two craft books so surely I can do it! Fast forward a few weeks of learning and I am venturing out into the sale of PDF Craft Tutorials.

So, as a big thank you for signing up to my newsletter, in this months edition I will be giving you the chance to pre-purchase my first PDF craft tutorial at a half price!*

SIGN UP and get inspired!

* PRE-PURCHASE offer only valid if you sign up to the newsletter before Saturday 5th June 2021



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