Heritage Open Day at Preston Manor, Edible England workshop

Have you ever heard of Heritage Open Days?
Every September thousands of volunteers organise events to celebrate the amazing history, community and culture of hidden gems here in England. They open the doors  for free to places that you may have never visited and I was very honoured to be asked by the Royal Pavillion & Museums to run the workshop at the stunning Preston Manor here in Brighton.

The theme to this years Open Day was Edible England so I devised a foodie needle felting workshop where people could make anything related to food whether it be vegetables or cakes.

The day was organised by a group of young people from the Museum Collective who had created ‘Down in the kitchen’ an interactive sound installation with handmade zines all about food.

I ran two workshops in the day which was a huge success, the visitors were given hints and tips on how to make various shapes and forms out of wool to create unique fun and quirky foods.

The talent was amazing and the creations were so good... vegetables were definitely a favourite. They went home very happy with carrots, radishes, fungi and even peas in a pod. What was really lovely was the mix of age groups and what it brought to the workshops, so refreshing and fun. 

I was so lucky to be a part of the day,  to work with the Royal Pavillion & Museums team and the Museum Collective and to finally look around Preston Manor!



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